Our Story

Our brand is run with a thoughtful approach. From producing products,  to creating content that are of only the best quality. 

We live by three essential ideals: creativity, quality, and progress. These three values help us concentrate, drive, and unite as a brand and as individuals.

The Maverick started as a solution for a personal grooming need, and out of it, the brand was born. A few years down the road, The Maverick has become a full-pledged business, focused in being a purveyor that answers the pains of men in grooming and personal care.

We're always pushing ourselves to provide the best products while trying to be as ecologically friendly, and sustainable as possible.

Icko and I have always wanted to build a brand that felt like an expression of ourselves, something that we can call ours. A brand that  celebrated our individuality, and reflected our creativity. And The Maverick has become that kind of brand with the addition of the missing piece, in the form of Arron Jan.  

An attitude for creating and living with intent. 

We believe that the desired result is determined by the core values and ideas, - as Stephen Covey said: “Begin with the end in mind.” And we aim to create with intent, think with intent, and ultimately live with intent.