The Next Hit Hairstyle: The Wolf Cut

The Next Hit Hairstyle: The Wolf Cut

The Next Hit Hairstyle: The Wolf Cut


With long hair on the rise, and a staple in popular media, it’s about time we take a page off of the experts when it comes to long hair.

The Wolf Cut is most common among women. It’s mostly characterized by high volume, flowy hair, with sharp angles to the side. Usually, a mid-part at the top, and long strands frame the face. You can even say that it’s a balance of men’s mullet and shaggy hairstyles.

Seeing how much long hair has been popular after the pandemic lockdowns, the Wolf Cut is a must consider style for anyone looking to experiment on new looks. With a blend of flows, layers, and sharp angles, the style is perfect for anyone looking for a balance between fun care-free charm, and bad boy smolder.

Adding to the allure of the Wolf Cut is its versatility when it comes to face shapes. As seen in K-pop boy groups, and western Hollywood stars, the cut works for almost anybody. 

The choppy, short layers add personality and distinction to round face shapes. If you have a chiseled jawline or more pronounced features, a wolf cut with a voluminous raise can help to soften those. For oblong face shape, selecting a more cropped version of the wolf cut is best to avoid lengthening the face.

If you want to pull off this look, The Maverick’s Gambit Volumizing Hair Cream, and Pacific Sea-salt Spray are great for the job.

Overall, the Wolf Cut is just one of many trends on the rise in men’s grooming. There has been a greater appreciation for long wavy hair more recently, and people are starting to like the more care-free vibes of curly long hair. This is definitely a lasting trend, and expect to see longer strands in the future.

The future of men’s hairstyles appears to be not only diverse but also exciting. Whether you’re looking to make a drastic change or just a subtle update, there’s a style—old and new—out there for you, and The Maverick will be there to help you achieve it.