Should Hair Be Matte or Shiny?

Should Hair Be Matte or Shiny?

Your hairstyle is a powerful form of self-expression. The style you choose affects how you want the world to see you. Do you choose to go sleek and shiny to appear more sophisticated? Or do you opt instead for a matte hairstyle for a more carefree, no-frills look? 

Matte versus Shiny. For so long, there has been this ongoing debate as to which among the two reigns over the other. While it’s obvious that the matte and natural fades have been the go-to hairstyle for Filipinos over the past decade, the classic “high-shine” hairstyles are surely making a comeback. With the increasing popularity of shiny hair products such as oil-based pomades and hair shine shampoos, we’re not that far off from witnessing a cultural reset that will take us back to the greaserheads era. 

Not sure which hairstyle to pick? We don’t blame you. People have varying perceptions associated with matte (and shiny for that matter); and in this blog post we’ll dig deeper into these  to help you decide if  you’re one for the modern or one for the classics!

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The “Matte” Hairstyle

There are many ways to describe a “matte” hairstyle, but to sum it all up, when we say matte, we mean dry.  A matte hairstyle is a hairstyle that appears dry, or in other words, with little to no shine. 

Matte hairstyles are commonly seen to be more natural because they look as if no product has been added to the hair, but in reality, there is. It’s just that matte styling products like Unorthodox Water-Based pomades and Clays absorb light and therefore, don’t produce any layer of shine. 

Most people prefer sporting a matte hairstyle simply because it makes them look effortless. They want their hair to have texture or volume, but at the same time, not attract too much attention. It’s essentially minimalism - you strip away the unnecessary details and focus on what’s needed. 

Generally speaking, you should sport a matte hairstyle if any of the following words resonate to you: Carefree, No-frills, Simple, Subtle, Minimalist, Effortless, Lowkey. 

If we’ve convinced you that matte is the way to go, we highly suggest you take a look at our matte styling bundle. It contains everything you need to achieve an impeccable matte hairstyle. 

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The “Shiny” Hairstyle

As the name suggests, the shiny hairstyle is any hairstyle that looks shiny or as others would like to put it, “wet.” Oil-based pomades and the very traditional hair-gels are known for giving off shiny hairstyles. This is because unlike matte styling products, these products reflect light instead of absorbing them.

Years ago, shiny hairstyles were a big hit. In fact, in the 1950s, the only way to look sleek and cool was to sport a long, shiny pompadour (and a leather jacket if you have one). Celebrities like Elvis Presley, James Dean, and Frank Sinatra, are known for their high-shine hairstyles. 

Today, the shiny hairstyle has become more of an acquired taste. Nowadays, shiny hair is commonly perceived as “try-hard,” hence it’s not a go-to in mundane, daily activities. Instead, people prefer to gloss up their hair in situations that require them to show off and stand out like parties, weddings, or important business presentations. In times when you want people to notice your hair, then going shiny is the way to go. 

Generally speaking, you should sport a shiny hairstyle if any of the following words or phrases resonate to you: Sophisticated, Stand out, Get Noticed, Look Different.

If you think that the shiny look appeals to you on a personal level, then the next step is to find a shiny hair styling product that’s right for you. We have a couple of oil-based pomades in our lineup that are sure to give you a generous layer of shine for that all-out look. Check them out below: 


Everyone has their preferences. It’s up to you to decide which finish suits you the best. Just remember that not all situations call for simplicity; others urge you to scream your style out loud. In the same way, not all situations require you to look sophisticated. So, if I were you, I would consider copping both a matte and a shiny product so I can vary up my styles and tailor-fit my look in every given situation. Here at The Maverick PH, we offer a wide assortment of hair styling pomades that can offer varying levels of matte or shine. 

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