10 Things Groomed Men Do (That Others Don't!)

10 Things Groomed Men Do (That Others Don't!)

10 Things Groomed Gentlemen Do (That Others Don't!)

Grooming is essential to the modern man. If a well-planned, and guided grooming plan isn’t part of your lifestyle, then you aren’t at your A-game yet. That might sound like it’s bad news, but now that you’re about to read this list, feel excited knowing that your A-game is 10 items away!


Groomed Gentlemen follow a proper shower regimen. 

Any gentleman knows that grooming starts in the shower. Most of the work is done here thanks to the cleaning ability of water, amplified by the pressure of your trusty shower head. Though water, as a cleaning agent, has stood the test of time, it is not enough to bring out your A game!


Now don’t just grab a random soap bar that most probably isn’t cut for the needs of the modern man! Some soap are too rash, some are filled with chemicals, and some dry out the skin. The soap of the modern man should accomplish three main things; neutralize odor, clean, and moisturize.


The best kind of soap achieves these three things naturally, with little or no use of harmful chemicals because above grooming ability lies the health of a man. Our new Natural Body Bar is perfect if you resonate with our idea of the perfect soap. The combination of Goat’s Milk and Charcoal achieves the three main things that a man looks for soap to accomplish, and does it naturally.


Our Natural Body Bar is available in either the Ultimate Grooming Bundle or the Bath and Style Bundle!

Groomed Gentlemen never leave a single patch of their body unmoisturized.

Our Natural Body Bar, though great, is not enough to achieve A game levels of moisturization. After getting out of the shower, of course you will have a moisturized, sometimes steamy feeling in the skin. It’s a great feeling, right? Now, the task is to lock it in for you to keep that fresh feeling throughout your day.


The obvious, time-tested method of doing this is to put moisturizer on patches of skin that need extra care and those that will be exposed most to air and light. Some good areas are the palms, the neck & nape, and the face! Be warned though, that facial moisturizers and lotions are often designed separately from those that are meant for use on the body.


The combo of our Natural Body Bar plus a good moisturizing regimen will always be enough in tackling whatever day the modern man will face. Feel assured that no patch of skin will look or feel dry once you achieve A game levels of moisturization.

They give all the care, to all their hair, everywhere!

Here at the Maverick PH, it’s quite obvious that we value hair care and hairstyle. We are pertaining to not only hair up above there, but hair everywhere! Gentlemen should never let all the attention to their head hair prevent them from caring about their facial hair!


Facial hair plays a big role on how you look, and how people perceive you. Whether you are rocking a full beard or a clean shave, there are plenty of ways on how to keep it clean and sharp. Given that wide spectrum, we won’t get into details now, but let this serve as a reminder. Know what you want with your facial hair, and execute it properly! 

Yes, even the hair down there.

No, we are not talking about hair in the nose, or even ears, but those need grooming too. We are talking about the hair down under. With such a frisky topic, this is for another day! The goal is to keep it tidy everywhere. It might feel like a chore, but trust us—the effort is well worth it for those long, and sexy nights all gentlemen look forward to.

They don’t forget about the teeth and mouth, even when not going out!

Gentlemen have their own oral care regimen. Others just brush their teeth, others floss on top of that, those with time practice tongue scraping, and some even commit to tedious oil pulling! Regardless of which practices your precious time can afford, just don’t forget to keep the teeth shiny, and the breath fresh! People might not give you compliments on how fresh your breath smells, or how shiny your teeth are, but they do notice! On the flipside, most people aren’t bold enough to tell you how your breath smells either, but trust us, they do remember!


They never laze on the details of clothing, because that’s a big part of grooming!


Now that you’re clean, and feeling fresh, it’s time to dress up for the occasion. Whether your style is simple or sophisticated, one thing to keep in mind is to dress appropriately! A gentleman has to be able to control the situation he is in, and dressing in line with what the night offers is one way of controlling it. He cannot nail that sales pitch if his vibe is too casual nor can he have maximum levels of fun in the club if his clothes are too formal and tight. If this is too daunting of a task for you, keep it simple and unflashy. You can never go wrong with that. Once you are more comfy, look to expand your wardrobe to experiment with other styles. Don’t fret, becoming a gentleman is a process, after all.

Groomed Gentlemen spend more than a cent, to make sure that their scent game is at a hundred percent!

For those unaware, the scent game is a world in itself! Hundreds of fragrances to try on times tens other more variables to experiment with and control to make sure that you smell the best. Some men just buy one for general use, and some have a dozen ready for use depending on where the night will take them.


We understand that this might be daunting for some men, and because of that, we have made our first entry into the world of scent in the Aviator Eau de Parfum. It’s crisp, and the smell isn’t too candylike nor does it carry a heavy musk feel. This is perfect for gentlemen that want to start experimenting with parfum!

You keep your nails, and even toenails clean and cut. Always!

This should be a given, gents! Gone are the days when it is usually our parents who do this for us. It is through our hands that we interact with the world and people. If your nails aren’t taken care of, then how are you going to interact with the world gracefully?


We know some of you have a pet peeve for keeping your nails tidy, so we have some tips for you! To avoid the feeling of tenderness and pain after having freshly cut your nails, leave a buffer between the apex of the nail to the finger, this way your fingers are still protected. If you just can’t bear to commit to this task, then go to a nail salon if that’s your flavor. The point is, this is a non-negotiable, gentlemen!


On the topic of toenails, some men would say—”Oh no one sees them, anyway”. True gentlemen keep their toenails cut, too! Keeping your toenails tidy is very important for those most intimate nights.

You, a Groomed Gentleman, keep your hair clean, healthy, and styled.

There are lots of elements in a gentleman’s grooming regiment, but we here at the Maverick PH put emphasis in keeping hair not only clean, but healthy and styled too! Hair is supposed to look good, and feel alive! Like picking fragrance or choosing clothes, constructing a hair care routine can be quite daunting due to the sheer number of products and ‘hacks’ out there, but we like to keep it simple. A balanced shampoo, and a great styling product is all you need! Our trademark men’s shampoo, the Wingman is quite similar to our Natural Body Bar as it is also natural, mild, and it carries enough cleansing properties to keep a gentleman’s crowning glory fresh all day.

For a styling product for starters, we recommend our Gambit Cream Pomade. It’s lotion-like consistency and near-matte finish makes it perfect for those wanting a simple, yet effective styling product.It is also mild and does not contain harmful chemicals that will damage a gentleman’s hair and scalp. If you’re looking to get both, then we are pleased to tell you that both are available in our Bath and Style Bundle. In addition to the two great products are a Sea Salt Spray which works as a pre-styler or a nourisher, and a comb to help you style your hair!

Five bonus tips for becoming a bona fide Groomed Gentleman!

Now that you’ve got the basics in check, it’s time to go to the next level!

Pay attention to your diet, exercise and water intake.

You don’t need to look like Chris Hemsworth! Just keep fit. It sends the message that you are very capable of taking care of yourself.


We’re not nutritionists to tell you what you can or cannot eat, so we’ll just stick to what we know; drink lots of water! Yes with products, you will be able to moisturize and hydrate the outside, but never forget to hydrate from the inside too!

Bring out some character, possibly through your hairstyle!

Always keep it clean, sharp, and classy, but never forget to bring in some character too! Don’t overdo it, though. Some ideas are; groovy socks, an earring or a ring, or even eye-catching boots!

If those don’t resonate with you, why not swap the matte hairstyle with the flashier shiny hairstyle? The switch is sure to draw some eyes towards you. 

Wear eyewear to bring symmetry to your face.

Everyone has that one friend who wears eyewear even if their vision is perfectly fine. That may sound wacky to some people, but they have one good reason to do so! It brings more symmetry to one’s face. That makes a face more attractive. It can also bring mystique if the moment calls for that.

Know which products are best for you.

There are a lot of great products out there in the market. That makes for hundreds or even thousands of combinations a gentleman can explore around and play with. Even just here at the Maverick PH, a gentleman already has a wide range of product choices. Seasoned gents know which products work best on them on a given occasion. Just take the aforementioned Matte versus Shiny pomade discussion for example!


If you are looking for a sampler pack to have the opportunity to test a wide range of products, then we’ve got you covered!

Observe your posture and gait.

Slouching and unconfidence is a surefire way to ruin all the work you have put yourself through. This is the finishing touch. Source confidence and swagger from all the routines and rules you have been following and you will exude a Clooney-esque aura! Or Pitt-esque, if you prefer the Brad vibe.